by Necrowpharaoh

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Contest Entry for SYTYCR by Murder Musick


Let me start this by sayin’- everythin’ that I do has always been hated on
But fuck what they’re sayin’ I erupt from the pain- you ain’t the same as you claimin’ on
You paint with a fake smile of scars- actin’ like The Joker You just take it too far=
You cover me in tar to slow me down- while I swim in a sea of hope- mind torn apart

Yet I keep runnin’- I come full circle - people gotta be stressin’ me out gotta puff some purple-Never enough just to hurt you-
they have gotta Tear you down into pieces- even though happiness has already been relinquished- =
how would you feel if all those at your back were cloaked- = Daggers in hand thinking that you’re just a joke
Thinking that it’s a good idea to give the bear a poke-Oh I would love to see how their faces choke

Though I bite my tongue and my hands are still- My fight is young and my passion will kill=
My chaos brings creation through the power of will- I take off the blatant mask after I get my fill
I’m the master of fate only here till it’s sated- To reach peak potential even if so belated =
And to seek those that are sent to witness my creation- I feel as if I was meant to elevate above my station

But I’m trapped in a maze, fell in a trap door in a daze- Can’t keep track of the days while I’m masterin’ the amazin’=
Feelin’ like a rat in a cage testin’ a cure for a plague- Can’t stand my reflection avoiding the mirror these days=
Unexplainable fears and phobias over take - and make Me feel as if my life is fake=
For any of those who know what it’s like-To be doubted by everybody around you in sight

You know the hollow quiet night in the sky-You don’t know who to follow- it is you who shines bright=
Becoming the symbol of hope just reveal all of your might-You will never know a moment with no reason to fight=
Take it from me, this is just a fact of life-This is why I stood from a kneel and I pack this knife
Absorb all around you there’s knowledge to be had-Coerce all the doubtful into followin’ your plans
Be careful of the footprints surrounding in the sand-Be weary of the intentions that bound all your friends
Know that there are boulders that block your path-And these stones will grow when negativity amasses
But you are still responsible for honing your craft-Eventually you will have to be the one to dust who dare to laugh=
You have to dedicate yourself to being the best we ever had-Even if you gotta utilize emotion the good and the bad
You just can’t go mad, you gotta keep your comrads near the launch pad can’t leave them on land
Gotta keep to the virtuous be like Sir Galahad-Or you can lose virtually everything you ever had=
Put your heart up in your beat- even if you started up weak-It is not up to we- whether or not you succeed
You just gotta know you gotta want it more than you gotta wanna breath- Put your soul in and you got it- get nasty if need be=

Don’t hold anything back- Be your master- be free-The only disaster is to be caged with no key
And it’s saddening that they allow it to be happening-Abandoning a battle that’s rapidly dismantling
And grappling a fattening piece of humanity-And dampening everything that makes us all family
We’re scrambling for a blackening piece of our lives-That’s been cut from our flesh with no balance or sight

But with no valiant in the light you stay silent in the night-Absent our minds with no ballast for the lights
Though you have a chalice of might- You gotta decided what’s right-Use your mind and in time- you will finally open your eyes
And you will find the design is beneath all the lies-But you confined it unrefined- like the state of mankind
But like a diamond you can shine even brighter than the sun- Amplified by your desire stoke the fire but never run

When you bet on yourself even a loss is a win- You tossed their opinions and they got lost in the wind
You fought with a grin crossin’ off the monster within regardless of the cost and albatross you begin
You never once thought your god been hidden within yourself- naturally artificial skin
The only mortal sin on this earth I s to not unearth what it takes for our ascension


released May 25, 2016
Written and Performed by: Joseph (Necrowpharaoh) Reese
Mixed and Mastered by: Anthony (A.M.O.T.) Moreno
Instrumental provided by: Murder Musick Ent.



all rights reserved


Necrowpharaoh Arizona

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